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The convenience market is changing, adapting to new legal requirements, technological trends and mergers.

Our vision is to guide and help you deliver these changes; enhancing your customer's journey and offering you simple, systematic and smart solutions.

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We deployed our first loyalty solution into the forecourt market, across the UK and Europe, in 1991. Since then we have developed our offering to meet the demanding and stringent requirements of the fuel market. Our expertise lies in our experience and we are dedicated to offer you the best solutions to run your forecourt.

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"The knowledge of both the shop and forecourt held by HTEC personnel has allowed agile and swift development of functionality crucial to our business. The service wrap means we have one phone number to call for all of our IT needs. HTEC has been the ideal partner for MFG, providing the IT spine of the company. This has allowed the MFG Directors to focus on new acquisitions and growth."

Jeremy Clarke, Motor Fuel Group

"HTEC’s DRS product has benefitted us tremendously! We can easily see what our commission operator sales are each day and how our business is doing. DRS gathers our information efficiently and helps us to stay organised."

Sej Sejpal, Platinum Retail


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