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Independent Site Upgrade and Modernisation

POS, back office and OPT deployment at Broadway Garage, Broadstairs.

Independent Site Upgrade and Modernisation

POS, back office and OPT deployment at Broadway Garage, Broadstairs.


Located in central Broadstairs in Kent, Broadway Garage has been under the same ownership for over 80 years.

The site has been through a number of upgrades and improvements during this time and in 2020 a decision was taken to invest in significant modernisation of the forecourt and store.

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The Challange

Replacement of obsolete tills, POS and back-office technology was required as part of a broader site upgrade that included new pumps and a total refurbishment of the store.

This would update the technology, remove the risk of running unsupported systems and improve efficiency. As part of the wider programme of works the objective was to enhance the shopper experience in support of a drive for higher margins.

At the same time the management sought to introduce outdoor payment terminals (OPTs) to capture fuel sales from customers seeking a rapid pay and go experience, and who were currently buying fuel elsewhere.

The Solution

Already an existing user of the htec GemPay indoor payment solution, the Broadway management team reviewed options available for new technology and OPTs from a range of providers and spoke to fellow retailers using them.

They settled on htec based on scale and breadth of capability, and the opportunity to align POS, back office and payments with a single partner.

The htec team designed and configured a solution comprising of HydraPos tills and Callisto back office, linked to the existing GemPay solution, and deployed OPTs to 25% of the pumps on the site.

The installation work was carefully project managed and phased to minimise disruption to the site and align with planned physical upgrades.

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The Results

The new till and back-office technology has seen a tangible improvement in usability and speed, making day-to-day tasks more efficient, saving time and driving efficiency.

System reliability is the single most important factor for Operations Manager Alistair Nicol and his team. The htec team worked closely with Alistair to resolve initial integration challenges and the solution is now delivering the stable platform on which to run the business.

The drive to increase margins across all departments remains a key objective and the Callisto back office provides quick access to reporting for close monitoring of profitability, particularly in categories such as tobacco where margins are slim.

The OPTs deployed to the roadside pumps have created a visible fast lane for customers without compromising footfall into the store, with around 20% of fuel revenues now being sold through the OPTs.


The OPTs ease the burden on staff, “acting like an extra pair of hands” during busy periods according to Alistair. An additional benefit has been a reduction in drive offs, with the roadside location for the OPTs being the least visible from the store and these pumps had been targeted for fuel theft prior to OPT installation.

In Our Customer's Words...

“The htec tills, back office and Outside Payment Terminals have been an important part of the overall modernisation of this site. It is an investment we thought long and hard about, but we are pleased with the results to date and are looking to roll out the tills and back office at our second site in the near future.”

Alistair Nicol, Operations Manager, Broadway  Garage