HTEC’s HydraPOS is a touch-screen Point of Sale system specifically designed to address the needs of petrol forecourts, with a user interface designed to both simplify the process of selling fuel and increase speed at the checkout.


The HydraPOS links to pumps, tank gauges and other hardware devices by way of an HTEC manufactured site controller – a specialist hardware device designed for 100% resilience. The functionality provided means that continued trading is possible in the event of virtually any failure.  Software faults, POS hardware faults or faults within the site controller itself are handled by the unique resilience of the system, designed to maximise business continuity on your forecourt.  

The system affords full chip and PIN functionality by interfacing to both the Ingenico i3300 and HTEC’s own SPP Pin Entry Devices (PED’s); full magstripe functionality is also available for use with fuel, loyalty and e-topup cards.

HydraPOS runs on Windows 98, 2000 or XP and will run on virtually any hardware platform.

HTEC’s HydraPOS is a tried and tested product, current customers include Asda, Morrisons, Murco and SPAR.


-Fallback functionality is unique and along with the HTEC Site Controller, provides total resilience

-When online to HTEC’s Virtual Back Office (VBO) it provides unique reporting, control and monitoring

-Tried and tested solution – used on some of the UK’s most significant fuel retailers including nearly 300 Morrison’s and over 160 ASDA petrol forecourts

-Over 85% remote fix means the product can be serviced more effectively giving more up-time and better business continuity

For more information, download the full HydraPOS guide below..



HTEC's Virtual Back Office is a centralised, web-based system that interacts with the HydraPOS forecourt point of sale system using an exchange of data files. The Virtual Back Office "toolkit" provides a complete forecourt administration solution and is accessible from any web-enabled PC. The Virtual Back Office webserver can serve any number of HydraPOS terminals, over many schemes if required.


-End of Day reporting - the user can select a date and site and a full End of Day report will be returned containing details of wet and dry stock.

-Live Tank Dip readings - the user can view the tank dip levels on a semi-live basis. Tank dip readings may be sent as often as is required although 2 - 4 times an hour is the current standard. Alerts or automatic fuel orders can be emailed out from the server.

 -Price Updates - the user can view the current price list and enter new pricing for items. Updates to the price list are then exported to the HydraPOS clients by email and updated on site as and when required

-Intelligent Fuel Distribution System - Accepts a file containing weekly fuel sales predictions. The system will monitor the tank dip readings, compare with sales predictions and will then make recommendations for extra fuel deliveries or to omit a fuel delivery from a fixed schedule, based on a "maximise/ minimise" flag for that site

-Hosting - The Virtual Back Office system could either be hosted at HTEC's secure head office site in Southampton or at your own head office site if preferred


-Lower hardware cost per site

-Lower management level of staff required at sites

-Management can analyse data across multiple sites

-Less space required for hardware at each site

-Central real-time

-Access to mission-critical data

-Total flexibility/future-proofing

-Internet can be used to order/allocate fuel deliveries across region rather than per site

-Stock level transfers between regional groups


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