HTEC's online loyalty solution (OLL) specialises in real time updates with vouchers and rewards issued and redeemed through our pioneering multi-patented transaction software platform.

HTEC’s loyalty solution integrates easily into existing POS systems and provides the following key components; campaign marketing, issuance, redemption and reporting. These allow brands and retailers to deliver relevant, compelling offers, vouchers and rewards to consumers in a simple and secure way, including email, SMS messaging and loyalty apps. 


  • Centralised loyalty solution, capable of delivering targeted, real time CRM anywhere between a single site to multiple countries based on real time customer behaviour

  • Resilient, multi-location hosting

  • Low bandwidth protocol

  • HTEC processes 1 billion transactions in real time each year for major retail customers 

  • Multimedia POS display supported

  • Flexible, powerful campaign management tool

  • Support of 3rd party coalition schemes, or customers can easily form coalitions with other HTEC loyalty customers

  • Detailed customer information can be captured to allow targeted communications

  • Points liability management

  • Reporting suite 

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