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Iocaste, our Media Management Solution gives you the functionality and flexibility to run promotions, advertising and campaigns at different times of the day, in different areas of the shop to meet your needs. With 63% of people reporting that digital signage catches their attention and a 31% increase in sales volume following the introduction of digital media, our system is the ideal solution for a business seeking to increase sales and customer engagement. Run from cloud-based web-application the system is easy to use and innovative. 

Deploy your advertising to a multitude of promotion ready screens, such as Gempay 3, OPT, or a standalone podium.

To find out more, download the full Iocaste guide below.


Digital Media can drastically increase your footfall, brand awareness and basket spend as people engage with your promotions, both within your store and store-front. You can heavily influence shopper missions while making your customers feel welcome and establishing your brand.


You are able to schedule your media using the web-browser from anywhere, saving you time and money by not relying on static point of sale material which is time-consuming to put up and take down. You will also be able to promote different products on your designed schedule - coordinating it with other marketing activities or across a variety of stores - at the click of a button.


Analyse how sales are influenced by your media promotions using our Back Office solution, which offers real-time stock updates that can be report on hourly sales.

"Since the installation of Media Screens at two of our largest sites, the benefits have been massive. This media gives us the opportunity to advertise a wide range of forecourt and shop offers in a dynamic and interesting way, this technology enables us to rotate messages to our customers immediately and we have seen sales increase as a result!"

Tony Head, Highway Stops Retail Ltd

"Automatically scheduling our media content to the time of the day and the type of customer really works, especially when you can set it up in advance."

Shilan Raja, Highway Stops Retail Ltd

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