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Integrated fuel and payment pumps: The future for commercial fuel sales

July 19, 2017


With over 4,000 Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) in use around the country, pay at the pump technology is becoming increasingly popular, not just on fuel forecourts, but wherever fuel is dispensed.


Often in marinas, airfields and truck-stops, our OPT is situated alongside a Pumptronics fuel pump, making it easy for people who want to have access to fuel. Our OPT takes payment from credit and debit cards, meaning that customers don’t have to set up account or fuel cards and can just pay for fuel when they need it! There’s no need for pre-payment or invoices!


Then someone, not sure who exactly, but it was bound to be us (!) came up with the idea of integrating the two. One device, two functions, easy to install, easy to manage, takes up less space, provides more options for customers! Great idea – even if we do say so ourselves!


And so, we’ve been working with Pumptronics to create the integrated fuel and payment pump and it’s almost ready to be installed at its first site. More about that soon.


The integrated pump is ideal for marinas, airfields and truck-stops; locations where you need a robust and secure piece of kit, that doesn’t take up too much space.


The pump, which was on show at the Royal Welsh Show, is sturdy and strong. It’s been designed to withstand all the weather that the British climate can throw at it and is pretty close to unbreakable – it even monitors attempts at tampering and alerts the site.


It also means that customers can serve themselves to fuel. No waiting around until someone has time to open-up and no need to find the office to get someone to come out to serve the fuel. It’s easy to use and the interface is intuitive. Much like HTEC pay at pump technology found on many forecourts, it pre-authorises payment; although appreciating that a fuel tank’s are a bit bigger than the standard car, the limit is up to up to £1,000 per transaction, then it allows the customer to dispense fuel.  


The integrated pump meets Civil Aviation Authority requirements for attaching an earthing strap and for the entry of an aircraft registration before fuelling and is MID approved for resale in a hazardous environment.


In Marinas and on airfields it will allow customers to fill-up and set-off whenever they want – making the most of early starts in good weather and meaning that staff don’t need to be on hand.

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