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Managing customer expectations: the 24hr fuel revolution

September 6, 2017

The world is changing. Customer expectations are changing. We have to consider how we, working in the retail and fuel industry, change to meet those needs so that we remain relevant and useful to our customers. 


Everyone is busy - we are, as a society, cash-rich and time-poor. Jargon perhaps, but consider how many things there are on your 'to-do' list and how much you just expect to achieve each day. Something has to give and we've become reliant on technology to help us get through the list of things that needs to be completed before we can move onto the next thing. So if your car needs fuelling late at night, ready for that early morning journey; as a customer you want to be able to do it when it suits you, not be delayed in the morning when time might well be critical. Or, if you are on your way home and it's late, you don't have to worry about getting to the forecourt before it closes! And who can remember the opening hours anyway?


Pay at pump technology has moved us on and moved customer expectations; in, quick refuel, pay, and go. Technology, such as Amazon Now: "want it delivered in a couple of hours? No problem!" And Zapper, where you don't even have to wait for the waiting staff to bring the bill! We are in a hurry, on the go, constantly moving onto the next thing.


An Outdoor Payment Pump (OPT) can make a lot of sense. It means your customers can serve themselves as and when it suits them. As a retailer, you don't need to have staff working 24 hours a day, but you can still meet customer expectations of service - 24 hours a day. It lets customer select a pump and pre-authorise fuel up to a standard value, then dispense the fuel. It accepts any credit or debit card and can also cope with fuel and account cards. The pod itself is rugged and tamper proof - designed to be outside in the British weather all year round.


And they aren't only for the big supermarkets and groups who can afford to invest in the integrated technology. 

As a service station you can invest a small amount in a HTEC's stand alone OPT, paying on a monthly basis and immediately start to see increase in sales. You will see savings as you reduce costs on staff who won't have to stay late - a win-win! And your customers will be delighted that they don't have to remember opening times and can simply turn up when it suits them, fuel up and go.


So, if you think it might be for you, please talk to us on 02380 689 491.


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