Site Controller 3 gives you resilient and reliable control over your site. The system is fully modular and can enable systems handling just one EPOS terminal and one pump type to upgrade to a forecourt requiring a more complex and tailored system. You can host up-to 16 channels across a single Ethernet cable. This forecourt controller has been developed through careful analysis of the fuel market; with a robust stainless steel outer casing and automated back-up capabilities, it will ensure minimal down-time and maximum efficiency on your forecourt site.


  • Interface to most forecourt equipment - links to OPTs and tank gauges

  • Back-up is provided by duplication of the I/O interface stage within the same enclosure

  • Powered by two sources and with remote back-up capacity, reducing down-time

  • Manages over 16 channels across and individual site and offers good performance over long run cable runs

  • Uses one single network connection

To find out more, download the full Site Controller guide below.

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