Our SMART till solution will revolutionise the way you manage cash within your organisation, tackling cash handling issues from both sides - the shop floor and the back office - whilst enabling you to maintain the personal contact with customers. 

The SMART till is a new generation of intelligent cash drawer, which integrates with several EPOS systems as a peripheral device, and our cash management software, 

SMART till Manager.

It uses advanced technology to identify the total cash value seconds after the drawer is closed. The cash movement is calculated between the new and previous cash value and compared to the expected cash movement from the POS. The SMART till identifies if the value is correct or if there is a discrepancy.

Every time the drawer is closed, the cash value of the drawer (by denomination and total) plus transaction details (transaction number, cashier, date and time) are electronically reported to the SMART till Manager software. When a discrepancy occurs the value and transaction details are all recorded and captured by SMART till Manager. 

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