SpediPOS was developed through the careful analysis and feedback from our customers – our aim is to help customers run a better and more profitable business; ideal for retailers in the convenience market.


-Program optimised to be easy to install and use

-Extra buttons on screen speed up common sales functions in many types of store

-Help is given on screen to guide the user through all sale functions

-New simple button file maintenance function

-Easy and direct link from selling to the management and reporting functions

-The full range of management control and reporting is available including query sales, stock control, and suggested orders

-Connection is available to the full range of suppliers to exchange data including promotion details (where available from suppliers)

-Create new products in EPOS, which saves the newly formed file to the Back Office

-Print out shelf-edge labels on the receipt printer

-Book in delivered stock on the till

-Enter stock take data on the till

-Allows the till operator to sell selected items at 0% VAT e.g. to registered disabled Customers of Mobility stores

-Loyalty points scheme

-Links seamlessly to other HTEC products, such as SMARTtill, FingoPay, Self Service Check-Outs, Tobacco Dispenser, and others.



Suitable for all sizes of store, Spedi Maintain is the best back office solution available to the convenience sector. Developed using experience gained while writing back office programs for many of the major wholesalers, Spedi Maintain will make your store easy to manage and give you the knowledge you need to satisfy your customers.


-Ability to communicate electronically with most major suppliers, automatically keeping prices and product lists up-to-date

-Wholesaler’s promotion file download, making it easy to identify and run promotions, to get customers to keep visiting your store on a regular basis

-Easy to identify products, which are not making the right contribution to your business and correct their price, or even de-list lines that just aren’t selling

-Help creating suppliers’ orders using stock and/ or sales figures, which are then sent electronically, and receive delivery notes to help book in stock and identify substitutions on morning delivery

-Many reports including: Best and Worst Sellers; Over and Under Stocks; High and Low Margins; giving you the figures you need to make important decisions



Running a business at more than one location raises a number of logistical issues, but with Spedi Exchange you can easily control and monitor prices, stock and sales from one central site.

Spedi Exchange itself is installed at the Head Office, while Spedi Branch is installed at each of the Branches which are to be controlled. All communication between the Head Office and the Branches is performed through an FTP server using a private username and password.


-Flexible control of branch options to add or price products and ranges

-Different pricing schemes including promotions, such as Mix and Match for shops in different areas, so profits can be maximized depending on the local competition

-Option to move stock between shops so you can get the benefit from bulk buying

-Reports available for all branches or specific selected shops for the period of time you choose

-Allows more time for trading and less in administration, saving management time and effort

-Improves operator control and reduces errors in the branches


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