Tobacco is the number one contributor to store turnover, with a singular tobacco shopper spending a potential of £2,000 per year in your store. New legislation has come into effect, meaning tobacco must be sold in standard sizes and packaging. Due to this, there have been reports of increased waiting times at tills and wrong product selection. Our Automated Tobacco Dispenser is the ideal solution to tackle these changes; allowing you to continue to profit from tobacco sales, increase your revenue and customer satisfaction. 


  • Offered in two widths with or without storage drawers

​-1,000mm (w) x 1,500mm (h) x 420mm (d) - no drawers

-1,000mm (w) x 2,000mm (h) x 420mm (d) - with drawers

-1,200mm (w) x 1,550mm (h) x 420mm (d) - no drawers
-1,200mm (w) x 2,000mm (h) x 420mm (d) - with drawers

  • Slatwalls and/or media screens 

  • 1,000mm has 10 RYO and 69 cigarette pack chutes - holding a total of  xxx tobacco packets

  • 1,200mm has 13 RYO and 84 cigarette packs - holding a total of 1,164 tobacco packets

  • Media can be controlled and scheduled using our Content Media Manager

  • Links to most EPOS systems

Can link to TouchVend if the there is no EPOS on site

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Not only will you continue to profit swiftly from tobacco sales you can also re-purpose the back of your counter for key advertising / promotional space, and see an increase in sales of other high-margin goods.


The dispenser is made of robust, reinforced steel making it safe against break-ins. The dispensing system is also proven to reduce shrinkage.


Most tobacco shoppers know exactly what brand they want, our solution allows you to dispense the product in seconds, decreasing customer waiting times and amount of time staff spend with their backs turned searching for the right product.


The tobacco can be dispensed at the click of a button as it links seamlessly to your EPOS system. It allows for quick stock reconciliation and due to its design and chute it is easy to re-stock.

“The tobacco dispenser helps us to serve customers quickly and make sure we get the right product first time. The staff aren’t under pressure to find the right product, which is a big issue with the plain packaging restrictions, and I’m sure customers appreciate that we can serve them quickly without queues forming."

Usman Patel, Texaco Retailer

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